Leadership Odyssey
Embark on a Transformative Journey

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What's In Store for Participants

Engaging Workshops and Activities Engaging Workshops and Activities
Expert-led Sessions on Self-Growth Expert-led Sessions on Self-Growth
Networking Opportunities with Industry Leaders Networking Opportunities with Industry Leaders
Personalized Authentic Leadership Goal-setting and Action Plans Personalized Authentic Leadership Goal-setting and Action Plans

Why Organizations should Nominate Your Women in Tech:

Boosted Morale and Productivity
Empowered employees contribute positively to workplace dynamics.
Enhanced Leadership Skills
Develop leadership qualities crucial for career advancement.
Ignite their Full Potential
Unleash the untapped capabilities within your women in tech by being Leaders in Every Aspect of Life
Holistic Well-being
Address physical, mental, and fiscal aspects for overall well-being.

Exploring the Alchemy of Self-Transformation

From Wequity, renowned for its thoughtfully curated content at the WITfluence conference, we are thrilled to present another exciting opportunity specifically crafted for the remarkable women in our community.

We are thrilled to introduce the "Alchemy of Self-Transformation" program, a transformative 2.5-day residential experience taking place in Bangalore. This unique journey not only delves into self-discovery but equips participants with practical tools to break free from societal conditioning, addressing challenges like imposter syndrome and mastering the art of setting boundaries.

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Voices of Impact: Insights from our Speakers on the Inaugural Program

  • Meticulously designed program
  • Essential in the current times
  • Holistic approach to a career woman’s life
  • Expertly curated with session featuring role models
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Connect. Learn. Get inspired.

There will be plenty of opportunities for networking, self-reflection, and building lasting connections with fellow participants.

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Our Esteemed Speakers
for Alchemy of Self Transformation Program

Inderpreet Kooner
Rupali Ray
Jacintha Jayachandran
Latha Chembrakalam
Aruna Newton
Narasimham Jammi
Niranjana Bari
Shanti Uday
Rekha shashidhar Hiremath
Sonal D

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About Wequity​

Wequity is a social impact organization dedicated to propelling women to their maximum potential by providing a transformative trifecta: skill enhancement, unparalleled networking opportunities, and the celebration of inspirational role models. We foster an ecosystem where women not only excel individually, but we also collaborate with organizations committed to their success. Join us in building a future where every woman achieves her aspirations, supported by a robust network, recognized for her achievements, and equipped with the skills to conquer new horizons.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It is a residential program spanning over 2.5days

The program is open to all women across all experience levels

February 21st (9:00 AM) to February 23rd (2:00 PM)

Price: ₹ 40,000 + GST

Outskirts of Bangalore, situated in a serene, peaceful, and relaxing environment

Do reach out to contactus@wequity.tech

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